Imagine having an in-house research team of experts guiding you continually on all the global medical device regulations that specifically impact your business, so you can focus on growing your business, maintaining your profits and enhancing your competitive edge.

They would bring you vital insights through:

  • 24/7 access to updates of all important regulatory news facing makers of devices and diagnostics around the world
  • Continuous monitoring of FDA, EU, ICH and Asian regulators as they revise requirements for clinical submissions, approvals, postmarket monitoring, reimbursement and inspections
  • A one-stop resource center for up-to-the-minute medical device and diagnostics regulatory information and government documents
  • Expert analysis and interviews with top regulators about the most important changes emerging in countries around the world

Subscribing to International Devices & Diagnostics Monitor (IDDM) is having this valuable in-house team, for a mere fraction of the cost, by your side.

  • IDDM scours the U.S., EU, Asia, Latin America, the Middle East and Australia to arm you with reliable, advance information, insights and news to ensure you comply with the latest requirements.

IDDM is the secret information weapon of top medical devices and diagnostics executives, giving them a competitive edge.

  • This unmatched biweekly newsletter cuts through the commotion and ever-evolving policies to bring you exactly what you need to know, just when you need to know it. Save time and money by knowing just when — and how — to comply with changing global regulations.

Your IDDM subscription will more than pay for itself by presenting you with all the news and insights that pertain to your business, in an easily digested format:

  • Global medical device regulations
  • Product applications and marketing authorizations
  • Post-market testing and safety monitoring
  • Manufacturing quality, recalls and complaints reporting
  • Clinical submissions
  • Approvals
  • Reimbursement
  • Joint inspections
  • UDI implementation
  • Regulatory harmonization
  • Conformity assessments

IDDM’s compendium of facts and interpretation is delivered to you with the complete text of relevant government documents. Your subscription also includes special supplements (including warning letters and Form 483 inspection reports).

Start your one-year subscription (24 issues plus 24/7 access on to IDDM for only $1,247. Not bad for the equivalent of your own, full-time research team.



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