Intellectual Property

Patent Reform May Lie with Legal Challenges After Senator Kills Latest Legislative Attempt

Sen. Patrick Leahey (D-Vt.) effectively killed any chance at patent reform legislation last week by removing H.R. 1720 from the agenda of the Senate Finance Committee, which he chairs. Read More

MDMA: ‘Patent Troll’ Bill Could Harm Devicemakers

The Medical Device Manufacturers Association is urging members of Congress and other stakeholders to address provisions in anti-patent troll legislation that the group says could harm small medtech innovators. Read More

Expert: Device Company Hackers May Have Wanted Intellectual Property

Hackers who compromised internal networks at three major device manufacturers may have been looking for intellectual property, experts say. Read More

High Court Puts Burden of Proof Squarely in Patent Holder’s Court

The U.S. Supreme Court Wednesday unanimously ruled that patent holders must prove infringement, even in cases where a licensee initiated the litigation. Read More