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At Orlando Airport -- FAA Badge Theft Could Cause Serious Trouble

Investigators continue to work on a case that could be a possible security problem at Orlando International Airport in Orlando, Florida An official from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) had Read More
Green Can Be Harmful

So-called Green LED Bulbs Full of Lead, Arsenic

Treat as Hazardous Material

University of California, Irvine study shows LED bulbs widely used in headlights, traffic lights, even holiday lights are toxic.

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Growing Threats

White Collar Crime Grows -- One in Four Households Impacted

Businesses, Organized Crime Involved
White collar crime now affects more Americans than all other forms of crime combined, according to a new report published by the the National White Collar Crime Center (NW3C). Read More
Potential Trouble with Body Armor

Pentagon IG: U.S. Army Cut Corners on Body Armor Tests; Recall Possible

Bar Lowered in Gear Used in Afghan, Iragi War

With lives depending on it, today's war theater body armor may be recalled after Pentagon IG finds tests suspect.

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On the Track of OSAC: The Country-Council Chronicles -- Final Entry

Day 8: Baghdad/Amman/Home

 We arose before dawn to meet our Security Detail for the ride back to the airport. Although there appeared to be more than just a few large commercial craft parked at the gates of the International terminal, including a large 747, our selected mode of travel this morning was a C-130 managed by what‘s affectionately known as “State Air”. 

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